Image of Idolon Tapestry - Original Painting

Idolon Tapestry - Original Painting

$500.00 — Sold out

Gouache paint on archival paper, sized 11 x 14 inches. Signed, dated and shipped flat. Payment plans available, please reach out to discuss options or offers via the contact page.

In this last painting of 2020, I reflected upon dissociation and its allure. I hope to invite the viewer into a world within another world, to replicate and engage with the practice and its many layers.
I drew upon stylistic inspiration from allegorical tapestries of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissiance. These tapestries were created at a time of darkness and pandemic leading massive social, spiritual and political upheaval. In the artwork created throughout these periods we can see the tension brought forth by a simultaneous eruption of devastation and progress. We see the birth of realistic linear perspective, study of light and shadow in a wider turn towards realism. At the same time many artists were drawn towards subjects of nostalgia, myth and allegory. The impulse to bring fantasy and the safety of a past untouched by the black death into a more palpable visual space strikes me an exercise of dissociative escape.

I made this in a nod to that impulse. I escaped in the details, indulged in honoring my impulse to turn away from fear and reality for a time and capture my refuge on paper. Sometimes I dream out of cowardice and sometimes out of hope but both keep the weight of this world lighter for a time.

Image of Idolon Tapestry - Original Painting Image of Idolon Tapestry - Original Painting Image of Idolon Tapestry - Original Painting