Image of Idolon Tapestry- Hanging Banner

Idolon Tapestry- Hanging Banner


Each banner is hemmed, trimmed and assembled by hand. They measure approximately 28 x 28 inches, including the length of the fringe. When hanging, they measure 28 x 32. They are supported by a hanging rod and hung with a gold-tone chain. The illustration itself is printed on durable mid-weight cotton sateen fabric, which can be ironed or steamed.


Because of the banner's size and shape, it will be shipped in a tube, separately from any print or postcard orders that need to be shipped flat.

CUSTOM ORDERS: If you would like to order a banner that is a bigger size, a different design, or customized in some other way, Id love to explore those possibilities. Please reach out via the contact page or Instagram direct message before 2/11/21 with an idea about what you might want to do.

Image of Idolon Tapestry- Hanging Banner Image of Idolon Tapestry- Hanging Banner