Commissions Guide

Commissions are priced for the most part on an individual basis, based primarily on the time, size and labor required. I am open to almost any kind of commission you could think up, and always welcome unique inquiries. Below I will outline the more common requests I receive and their baseline pricing but please note that these are ballpark figures. I will always solidify a quote with you based on your specific project. I am happy to work within tight creative guidelines to meet an exact vision but I am also comfortable taking the lead creatively, before you request a commission ask yourself where you stand on this and how involved you hope to be. Knowing this will help both of us with communication and expectations. 

Small works, Remunerations and Digital Use -  $25+

If you like the design of something I've  already made and would like to use it for a personal project, logo, tattoo etc I am more than happy to give you use of the design, edit the files for your purposes and send it over for a fee. Pricing for remunerations depends on your purposes and if you plan to use the design for merchandising. 

Framing - $40+

Oftentimes I am able to offer framing for commissioned works and many prints and postcards that can be found in my shop. I have a background in professional framing, and collect vintage frames. If you are interested in having a commissioned work framed, please mention this BEFORE the work begins. If you are interested in having a purchase put into a frame, let me know and I will show you if I have any available and quote you an assembly price.

Illustrative Commissions - $125+

Illustrative commissions are creative pieces of my work with your goals and guidelines. This type of project is very broad but encompasses anything involving illustrations, Eg: album covers, fine art, character design & interpretation, tattoo design, story illustration- I am really open to anything and the pricing reflects the same broad range.  

Portraiture - $200+

Each portrait is highly specified to the subject, and more information about the process involved in commissioning a portrait can be found on the Portraits FAQ page. You will receive the physical painting as well as a high quality digital scan. Each portrait includes some environmental features- furniture, background elements and accessories. Pricing is always agreed upon before the portrait begins. Portrait price increases with the complexity of the requests involved. Each additional person in a portrait is $125, and each large pet is $50 (cats, dogs and larger creatures) smaller pets or imaginary animal friends can be added at no cost, to an extent.

  • Portrait Deposits - $50

Your portrait deposit allows me to schedule your portrait with confidence that you are invested in participating, and will still be around when it’s time to get started! The cost of the deposit goes towards your final payment. This deposit is not refundable if you decide you have changed your mind, however it does not expire and I will happily hold a place for you if your circumstances have changed. 

  • Touch Ups, Revisions and Edits

It is genuinely my desire that the portrait resonates with the subject, brings them joy, and represents them meaningfully. Often this can be achieved by lots of open, direct and mutually inquisitive communication before the portrait begins. Creating a portrait together is a lot like playing telephone, or getting a haircut. The clearer you are-the better the result will be.  All of that is to say, sometimes things don't come out how we imagined.

Here is a revision on the denim top, this is a good example of a change that I can easily add.

 I want folks to feel free and comfortable to get the piece to a place where they are satisfied. After the final draft is sent over, I will include two touch ups/revisions/edits as needed without adding to the price of the work. Please note, this option is included only in the event that you are actually dissatisfied with some aspect of the work, not to add in more details or “try out” different colors, so I respectfully ask that you do not abuse this policy. When it comes to revision, we are bound by the physical medium. I am unable to remove layers of paint, only add them- and then only so much, as too many layers can ruin the piece. I cannot change the pose of a portrait, and I can rarely remove elements that are already there. If after the two free revisions you wish to continue to add and change the portrait, we will negotiate additional costs based on my time and labor.

Here is an example of a re-worked face, bust and jawline using more photos than I originally had. As you can see, I can alter and fine tune the features, but I cannot actually move the head or change it more drastically.

“Reliquary” and Sculptural Craft- $300+

I take a very limited number of these types of commissions, but if you have interest in one they can be made to your specifications in most aspects. Contact me directly for a quote or with questions regarding these projects.